Possibly the greatest golf photo ever.

From Yahoo Sports

That’s not an attempt to blur something inappropriate. It’s the freaking golf ball. And Cheech was there to see the whole thing.

A Moment of KISStory

Some observations from last nights KISS concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion last Friday night:

  • Say what you want about them, but KISS is American rock and roll, plain and simple. Everything about them defines decadence, and their stage presence is Exhibit A for the prosecution. Yeah, it’s kitsch in it’s highest form, but that’s what we come out to see, is it not? The grand finale of the evening, “Rock and Roll all Nite”, featured so much smoke, lights, fire and confetti that by the time Paul was ready to smash his guitar, one could barely notice that the band was still onstage.
  • A band with such storied history should NEVER open their show with a song off the “new” album. I’ve seen many legendary bands pull this stunt over the past few years, and it just doesn’t work.
  • After spending the past few years bitching about piracy (who should be pissed about having their life’s work ripped off?), KISS is embracing the digital age. In a very Dave Matthews/Grateful Dead way, you are able to purchase a recoring of that night’s live performance. It was $25 and available immediately after the show. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…
  • Big ups on the band for allowing kiddos 14 and under on the lawn for free. It allowed my wife and I to take our two oldest to their first rock concert and not break the bank in doing so. I’m thinking Paul perhaps forgot about this decision when he thanked all the Houston ladies “who’ve opened their arms and legs to him” in the past.
  • The presentation of the big check to the Wounded Warrior Project¬†seemed like a bit of grandstanding, and it very well may have been. KISS has a history of, how should I put it, selling out, But it was good to see them give to a very worthy cause, especially considering they were already losing potential revenue by letting the kids in free. And Paul’s speech about the troops and this country (topped off by him 15,000 people in the Pledge of Allegiance) seemed very heartfelt and genuine.
  • On the subject of genuine, consider me now one of Gene Simmons’ biggest fans. We were lucky enough to be walking past the hotel where the band was staying at precisely the moment that police were excorting a dark van stopped at the front entrance. Out popped Gene and one other band member. I am assuming this was Paul but they were covered in full hooded robes. The second person made a B-line for the hotel, but Gene was good enough to spend about two minutes apiece with the front and rear escort officers. That was a class move considering how tired he must have been. As he turned to enter the hotel, my son yelled “WE LOVE YOU GENE!”, which caused Gene to come over to our side of the hotel entrance and give my son and daughter a fist bump. My wife and I were floored. Lucky little punks, they go to their first concert and get a fist bump from a rock legend.
Kyle & Gene Simmons

Kyle & Gene Simmons

All in all, this was a fantastic evening and I was so greatful to have been able to spend it with my family.

True Blue, baby I love nastyness. (Adult Content)

Whenever I hear “True Blue” by Madonna it reminds me of when my buddy Joe and I used this cassette to record a VERY RAW Star Trek TNG Parody. Picard beating off in the conference room, Troi/Crusher lesbo action, you name it, it was in there. An absolute masterpiece, if I do say so myself.

His brother-in-law Billy found the cassette and popped it in the ol’ tape deck on his way to work one morning.¬† Billy’s a cop, and as straight up conservative as it gets, so needless to say, this did not sit well. So, somewhere out there on FM 1774, there’s a collector’s edition of Madonna’s 1986 classic. So much for “Don’t Mess with Texas”, eh Billy?

I’ll never forget his face the next time I saw him…”Ya’ll are some sick motherf***ers.” That’s probably the nicest thing he ever said to me.

Separated at birth?

Taken at Chuy’s 290.

Thank you Money Bags!

Penny Slots DO pay off!!

Should be a Mastercard commercial

Syracuse -18 – $38 Cal PK – $38 Santa Barbara + 17 1/2 (won by 1/2) – $38

Parlay all three – $140 (PRICELESS)

vate Eyes… They’re watching you…

They see your every move